Tuesday, December 18, 2012


* WAN (Wide Area Network)
Wide Area Network or WAN, is a type of computer network wider and more sophisticated than the type of computer network LAN and MAN. JaringanWAN technology is used to connect a network to another state or from one continent to another. WAN network can consist of different types of LAN and WAN computer network for wide area coverage of Computer Network WAN type. Networks WAN, typically using fiber optic cable, and implanting them in the ground or under the sea passing lane.
Advantages Types Computer Networking WAN as a wider network coverage of Computer Network Types LAN and MAN, the exchange of information becomes more covert and targeted due to communication from one country to another requires more security, and also easier to develop and ease in terms of business.
Loss of type Network WAN as operational costs needed to be more, are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of theft of important data, care for WAN networks become more severe.

* Internet
The Internet is a global computer network or the global. Because the Internet is a network-connected computer networks worldwide, so the communication and transfer of data or files is easier. Internet can be said to be a mix of different types and their Computer Network Topology and Network Type interconnected with each other.
Advantages of Internet Network Types include communication and sharing of resources from one network to another easier, dissemination of knowledge becomes more rapid, delivering information faster and easier, and into the fields to earn
Loss of Internet Network Types include cyber crime or cyber criminals become widespread, pornography is becoming increasingly widespread, the transaction illegal goods such as drugs became rampant, and can also cause a scandal due to incorrect information delivery.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


LAN (Local Area Network)
Local Area Network atau LAN, merupakan suatu Jenis Jaringan Komputer dengan mencakup wilayah lokal. Dengan menggunakan berbagai perangkat jaringan yang cukup sederhana dan populer, seperti menggunakan kabel UTP (Unshielded Twisted-Pair), Hub, Switch, Router, dan lain sebagainya.Contoh dari jaringan LAN seperti komputer-komputer yang saling terhubung di sekolah, di perusahaan, Warnet, maupun antar rumah tetangga yang masih mencakup wilayah LAN.
Keuntungan dari penggunaan Jenis Jaringan Komputer LAN seperti lebih irit dalam pengeluaran biaya operasional, lebih irit dalam penggunaan kabel, transfer data antar node dan komputer labih cepat karena mencakup wilayah yang sempit atau lokal, dan tidak memerlukan operator telekomunikasi untuk membuat sebuah jaringan LAN.
Kerugian dari penggunaan Jenis Jaringan LAN adalah cakupan wilayah jaringan lebih sempit sehingga untuk berkomunikasi ke luar jaringan menjadi lebih sulit dan area cakupan transfer data tidak begitu luas.
(LAN (Local Area Network)
Local Area Network or LAN, is a type of computer network which includes a local area. By using a variety of network devices is quite simple and popular, such as using UTP (Unshielded Twisted-Pair), Hubs, Switches, Routers, and other sebagainya.Contoh of the LAN network as the computers that are connected to the school, in the company, figuring , and between neighboring houses that still covers an area LAN.
The advantage of using LAN Computer Network Type as more economical in operating expenses, more efficient in the use of cables, data transfer between nodes and computers seem to be more rapid because it covers a narrow area or local, and does not require operators to create a LAN network.
The disadvantage of using LAN Network Type is narrower network coverage so as to communicate outside the network becomes more difficult and area coverage data transfer is not so wide.)
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Networking | penjelasan singkat topologi star and bus

topologi star/bintang
     adalah jaringan komputer yang berpusat pada satu titik dan membaginya kepada kepada pengunjung.
keungulanya adalah:
1.jika salah satu komputer mengalami kerusakan maka yang lain tidak akan terganggu.
2.mudah dalam instalasi dan pengkabelan
kerugianya adalah:
1.banyak menggunakan kabel
2.jika titik pusat mengalami kerusakan maka yang lain akan rusak
(topology star / star
      A computer network that centered on one point and share them with the visitors.
keungulanya are:
1.If one computer gets damaged then the others will not be disturbed.
2.easy in installation and wiring
kerugianya are:
1.many using cables
2.If the center of the damage that would otherwise be damaged)
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Networking | arrangement of colors straight cable and cross


1. putih orange (white orange)
2.orange (orange)
3. putih hijau (green white)
4. biru (blue)
5. putih biru (white blue)
6. hijau (green)
7.putih coklat (white chocolate)
8. coklat (chocolate)

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